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New issue of Planet Artlife

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Planet artlife

New Year's issue of "Planet Artlife" Festival and Special Edition!

In this issue you'll learn:
- Why work honestly and openly - profitable? As compliance with business ethics will make you rich and successful?
- What role in the fate of Oleg Nazarenko, partner in the status of the President, played a New Year's miracle now?
- All the secrets and features many new products Artlife: whey drink Milky Fruit, Love Master complex and sex lubricant gel Fleur-de-femme, cosmetic tench uniQ and Q-system.

In every magazine reader waits for a gift - 2 bags of exotic tea Yogi Tea. And most importantly, the kit includes a special edition, featuring the best moments of the Golden Festival-2011 and Partners Company adventure in sunny Cyprus!

Ask for the magazine "Planet Artlife" in its service center!

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