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When you have recorded on admission to a pediatric surgeon?

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Features of childhood diseases impose a certain imprint on the work of pediatric surgeons. First of all, cher is their obseravations training, relationships with young patients, deontological, and several other issues.

pediatric surgeon called doctor who baby defects that need to be corrected through surgery. This specialist examines the baby, appoints analyzes, diagnoses, prescribes the necessary treatment, and specifies equipment, methods, and reception of a surgical operation.

Directly after birth, malesa examined by a neonatologist is a doctor who finds, in the presence of all the major children's congenital defects and then sends malisa to the surgeon. Well, this doctor, as a surgeon, in turn, decides whether to pursue surgery or not.

children's Planned examination, the doctor-surgeon is carried out in three, six and twelve months. It is necessary, in order to detect the following diseases: hydrocele, hip dysplasia, inguinal and umbilical hernia etc., In accordance with age, malisha need to operate differently than an adult. In this case, takes into account the potential growth of the organism and its immaturity.


Handling the children's surgeon: the Main reasons

is Often done with the following pathologies:

  • Balanoposthitis (inflammation of foreskin);
  • Hydrocele;
  • Ingrown nail;
  • Cryptorchidism (this is a condition where the scrotum has not dropped 1-or 2-VA egg);
  • Education soft tissue;
  • Limited or irregular movement of the limbs;
  • Orchitis (inflammation of testicle and epididymis);
  • Sharp pain in the abdomen;
  • Inguinal hernia;
  • Torsion (this is the condition when the testicle turns around its own axis);
  • Torsion of hydatid (this is the condition when suspension fat egg twisted);
  • the Redness and soft tissue swelling;
  • Umbilical hernia. In the umbilical area of the baby is bulging and he is crying very often;
  • Empty scrotum or 1-half > 2nd;
  • trauma
  • Phimosis (do not open the head of the penis a result of narrowing of the foreskin).

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