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Hair Extensions

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Women have long well-groomed hair, willingly or unwillingly definitely attract attention at aboutopposite sex. Beautiful hair - one aspect of women's irresistible, charming. In our time, full of various environmental hazards, stress, poor diet and lack of time for proper care of your hair - not every woman can boast of having in your arsenal of seduction luxurious wigglery. One of the most realistic and quickest ways to drastically change your hairstyle and, as a consequence, the style in general - is the procedure of hair extensions. By the way a professional make Babaeva Irina. During this procedure, to existing hair strands are added extra, usually longer "own". Due to increases of extension strandsIna and volume of your hair. As a rule, the hair used for building, natural origin and in preparation for the build are divided into several compact size strands. At the moment, have identified a number of steps and techniques of hair extensions.


- consultation. Pare conducted by to determine the desired length and hairstyles;
- preparation of hair (as used for building and basic);
- building strands;
- final processing, cutting, styling.

Technology fixing hair:

- cold (using glue or special clips);
- hot (forFasteners - resin forming the capsule);
- Band (mount on special polymer);
- beskapsulnaya (binder - thin silicone strands).
Do not abuse this procedure, take care of yourself and be always desirable and irresistible.

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