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34 weeks of pregnancy

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Pregnancy at 34 weeks and the state of the expectant mother can be describedAs a kind of « constant expectation & raquo ;. It has its explanation - because the fruit is almost ripe and the time of delivery is almost here. Your unborn child at this period of his life and development is actively developing: there is an active increase in height and weight, very clear signals those proportions of the body of the baby. His favorite activity at this time - it's suckingfinger (can be seen on ultrasound diagnostics) Well, of course, your restless can not remain in the same position, constantly turns and "kicking mom." When it can be in the range 2.1-2.5 kg with an increase in the 42-45 cm. Change the protective cover of the crumbs in the womb - to replace the fluffy hairs comes constantly to thicken, waxy covereds - lubrication. Actively developing marigolds - now they can reach their fingertips. In addition, at this final stage of pregnancy, continue to actively improve all body systems crumbs: cardiovascular, bone, respiratory. Particular attention is paid during the studies of the child's head - in fact it is in the process of"Birth" bear the greatest burden, and how developing cranial bones significantly affect the nature of the confinement of Obstetricians and actions. Of particular importance and surveillance should also test and the expectant mother. At this time it may be new sensations to which you should pay particular attention to:
- may fall belly - stillm way a child takes a position for future delivery. Argued that the lowering of the abdomen should rather labor, but if it's your first pregnancy, the wait may be delayed for several days or even weeks;
- frequent urination due to pressure on the pelvis;
- swelling and numbness of the limbs;
- socalled "training battle".
The moment of birth is around the corner, and so at this stage of pregnancy should be taken with great responsibility towards their health and pastime.

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