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Suture - a special thread, which is used in surgical practice for tissue. History fussiknoveniya and use goes back as far into antiquity, as well as medicine in general, because they are almost one. The first documentary mention of conducting surgical operations and, as a result, stitching wounds refers to the second millennium BC. While, as the surgical thread used tendon cotton Conscue hair and stuff. The process of science is not standing still, and from natural materials (catgut, silk) Dr. gradually switched to synthetic fibers (nylon, nylon, polyester). At the present stage of development, as absorbable sutures are used single or multi fiber yarns. Requirements in general medicine increases and thus novyshaya requirements for material quality and performance netey:

- strength;
- elasticity and flexibility;
- biocompatibility;
- resistance to sterilization;
- biodegradability (resorption) .

The last indicator (characteristic) is important not only surgical but also withcosmetic standpoint. According to him, all surgical sutures are divided into three groups:

- absorbable (catgut, synthetic yarn - polyglycolic acid, polikapron);
- conditionally absorbable (silk, nylon, polyurethane);
- non-absorbable ( steel, titanium, polyester, polypropylene).

Modern suture materials are used in all fields of surgery, here is another evaluation criterion - the time resorption. After various diseases, treating by surgery, require different time period from the beginning to complete resorption (from 10 days to 1 year).

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