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Alcohol Poisoning

June 02 2014

The use of alcohol, in addition to all the so-called "plus" (stress relief,voltage, set the mood, the feeling of freedom, etc.) with increasing doses in contact with the loss of control and very dire consequences: such "entertainment" may give rise to alcohol poisoning (intoxication) body. In addition to alcoholic beverages, alcoholic intoxication can cause drug, cosmetic orperfume substances, as well as technical alcoholic liquid. The severity can be divided into several stages:
light and middle stages of intoxication usually disappear on their own and do not require medical intervention. But the severe stage - the actual poisoning - requires immediate medical care.

Symptoms severe alcohol intoxication are:

- redness of skin;
- bradycardia;
- increased sweating;
- dilated pupils;
- incoordination, facial expressions, speech;
- promise to vomit;
- loss of consciousness;
- alcoholic coma.

When onlichii relevant symptoms, an urgent need to provide first aid and call an ambulance in order to exclude the possibility of death. The latter may occur as a result:

- the possibility of choking vomit;
- severe dehydration, entailing brain damage;
- lowering the temperatures body;
- slow or stop breathing and heart.

Before the arrival of the ambulance must carry out a set of measures for first aid:

- to ensure finding the victim to fresh air;
- induce vomiting to remove residual alcohol from the stomach;
- Warm and provide ample drinking;
- in the absence of breathing or heartbeat hold resuscitation.

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