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Laser dentistry

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The continuous development and improvement of medicine and dentistry in tom including, also involves the search for new solutions, development of new minimally invasive and traumatic treatments. One of the most technologically effective techniques in our time is the use of a laser. For more details about laser dentistry and its cost can be found here:

This section dentistry razvivaetsya fastest, because of its features (advantages):

- First, the laser does not affect the healthy tissue of the tooth enamel compacts and does not violate the integrity of adjacent teeth;
- secondly, the laser is an excellent antiseptic, whose sterilization effect is almost 100%;
-Third, the laser operates very quietly and accurately, can not be said about the forest machine;
- Fourth, the patient does not feel discomfort and pain both during and after the procedure, and so on.

The uniqueness of the laser is that it is an almost universal remedy for the treatment of periodontal disease and oral, toAries, prosthetics or installation bracket systems. In addition, the laser is used for the treatment of root canal Konev, teething, implantation, and other.
In addition, the use of laser in 90 cases out of a hundred, will eliminate the need for a local anesthetic, which of course is very important in the case of the treatment of children.

Arrange laser devices can be on several characteristics:

- on the area of ??influence (single- and multi-tasking);
- on the mode of operation (continuous, pulsed, combined).

Standard laser processing apparatus consists of the following components: a tipThe base unit, the light guide. The use of laser profitable ka medically and economically.

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