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Detective Agency: How to choose?

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just before any appeal to the Agency or to the private detective should not rush to make a final decision, initially place in a search engine the following queries: private detective reviews, detective agencies, the cost of services detective, they will help You to make a choice in an ocean of sentences. Next, we consider the sequence of actions that will help you to choose correctly and not to lose your money.


How to choose a private investigator:

  • Check check. To do this, go to the website where you can find information from the State. registry of sole traders and legal entities. Spending 5 minutes of your time You can ensure that Your chosen “detective Agency" exists or you are dealing with phantom — a pseudo Agency. Whether to trust their money to people who call themselves “detective Agency" have created an interesting web site, found a few thousand for of. state registration;
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  • We guarantee. Professional and experienced private investigator is not able to work without partners and colleagues. Participation in professional communities is the key to success. To check guarantees of can easily, while spending not > 5 min by numerous specialized forums (for example: Association of Russian Investigators, Community investigators, CIS, International Association of Detectives) there is a huge amount of information about scammers and non-professionals;
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  • Check legality. Think about whether You trust your money and information to those who offered to meet “Park”, “at the bench”, “metro” or, worse, in the office, which is located in some office or shopping complex (often pointing to pictures of the complex, without giving a room number or room). Remember: the 1st of guarantees of legality is a clear address of the detective Agency with a specified telephone;
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  • Communicate. While chatting on the phone or e-mail, the 1st thing to ask your friend to provide a copy of the certificate about state registration, name registration code INN (OKPO) or show a copy of the document which attests the affiliation of the Agency (private detective) in the professional community. If you fail in giving at least 1 of these documents — this is a direct indication that You may not get the service and lose their money. In order to completely verify the correctness of their choice: make an appointment at the office of the detective Agency. Any excuses should make You forget all the contact details of this organization;
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  • sign a contract. Remember that legal Agency (private detectives) without any difficulties and problems will agree to a written contract specifying the price and list of services. But scammers will never agree to a written agreement, looking for excuses.

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