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What is prosthetics

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Orthopedics of dentistry, researches and helps in the restoration , dental implantation, that is, returns of the dental cavity dental. For this purpose 3 types of structures:

  • removable baltali;
  • fixed;
  • and conditionally removable immediacy.

term of service, they are permanent and temporary. Panacea picked individually to each individual patient. This takes into account the condition of the epithelium, compiled a record of dentition condition of the molars, the exposure of their necks: corrosion or failure of the enamel , degree of mobility, the presence of defects. Treated diseases of the temporal part of the joints of the lower jaw. Replaced by defects of the jaws and soft tissues. The drawbacks of bicuspidatus - prostheses. They are made of metal, plastic, ceramics and piecing them together. The restoration, with integrity, private premolar is also with the help of crowns, kulevich inlays, veneers.

removable prosthetics construct is used, which can be easily removed and dress. For the manufacture of the prosthesis, most take plastic. This material is the basis for prosthesis and artificial teeth. They can be full and partial, dressed in separate teeth, the cutters and cuspidati.

prosthetic is usually on an ongoing basis. Bridges, runners, obturator and stuff installed for a long period, they allow you to eliminate different defects. The number of parts divided into micro immediacy, with one independent unit and macro dentures, where there is more than one. Most often, for this method, apply the crowns made of ceramic, they are more durable, reliable, long service life, the appearance is no different from the present. Metal caps where the outer part of the ceramic adhered to the frame, and bonding Maryland bridges, pontiki, to create an aesthetic appearance with dazzling teeth - premolars. Now replace porcelain fused to metal crowns, the frame, which is made of alumina or Zirconia. They are lighter in weight, and does not violate the acid-alkaline balance, protecting the adjacent teeth, firmly attached to the gums and do not loosen.

Combined prosthetics – is a technique where the fixed part is connected with a removable structures, is well fixed on the teeth.

Dental prosthetics, another way when defintally premolars are replaced by artificial, implanted in the bone of the tooth -jaw system: anchor or vitreous.

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