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Tips on how to write God a letter

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Many people ask: "is it Possible ?". Of course, Yes! Any true Christian can write to our Lord. In this article we consider the main points: what should be in this letter and what to write about in any case is not necessary.


Tips on writing letters to God:

  1. When people write God a letter, it must specify its own name, explain who he is and why he writes;
  2. No need to ask the Lord about something that can cause harm (even indirectly) to another person. There is nothing objectionable in the fact that people ask God for things for myself. However, the request for the other person comes to God much faster;
  3. do Not put the Lord within certain limits. Letter type: “God, send me $ 1,000,000”, is in the roots is wrong. A person cannot know what in fact is his need. Only God knows. It would be correct to write: “my God, save me please save me from the hassle of everyday money” or “God, give me luck, will and power, that I was making enough money and didn't know the need”;
  4. No need to promise the Lord anything in return, that he has satisfied your request. It is not a market trader, in order to change the benefits with you. Wrong will say: “God, if you do what I ask, I will donate $ 10,000 to the Church”. If a person can give to the Church the same amount, then he should be given simply in gratitude, not making money "transaction Creator". And, on the other hand, if a person is willing to abandon anything wrong in the performance of his request, thereby bringing a very real personal sacrifice, then it is right. “God, please heal my wife, and I will never cheat on her" is an example of the correct letters to God;
  5. No need to ask the Almighty for some kind of public miracle that is contrary to nature. For example, if a person asks God to grow amputirovannyy leg disabled, it asks about the action protivorechie the laws of nature that have been set by God himself. But when people ask the Lord to heal heavy patient labournet mobility to the paralyzed – this is an appropriate request. So, for example, if you wanted to help a disabled person with no legs, you can ask the Lord to make his life comfortable and not defective. In the end, it may happen that instead of “grown legs” the disabled will be the newest bioprostheses;
  6. don't ask the Lord, that he did the work that you can perform. “Oh, my God, destroy all my enemies” is double-wrong, because you are asking God to do the work for you + ask the Lord to cause harm to others. It would be correct to write: “God help me (give me strength) to resist all enemies”;
  7. No need to ask the Lord: “Make a way so that my work won the Nobel prize”, it is better to write: “God, give me luck, skill and strengths so that written work was worthy of the Nobel prize”. 

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