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in order to feel confident in society, each person generates a list of criteria that you must meet. Someone, pursue education, some for chiseled figure, others for paid work. But all of them smiling almost certainly want to Shine snow-white smile like the Hollywood stars. The image that we are, creates a lot of barriers to her achievement, but an experienced dentist can always help. Of course, for this, in addition to the knowledge and skills necessary for the modern professional equipment from .

Requirements experts

it's No secret that dentists are one of the favorite patients of categories of physicians. Panic that occurs in patients before the door of the Cabinet, largely from the beginning of the manipulation and before the advent of acute pain. Therefore, one of the first tasks of the relevant equipment is to ensure maximum comfort, lack of unpleasant affect the emergence of a sense of fear factors (sounds, smells, lighting).

the Second key objective of dental devices and systems is to provide maximum freedom and accuracy of the actions of the specialist. This is extremely important because the scope for manipulation - the oral cavity - has very limited sizes. Well, we should not forget about the diagnosis, which is the key to a successful solution before the dentist problems. Here again, the main limiting factor is the too small size of area of survey, so that everything could be accurately assessed visually.


All medical equipment, implemented for the dental industry can be divided into several groups:


    Diagnostic. This is a wide variety of technical and complex equipment that allow for high-precision, comprehensive survey and it is guaranteed to establish the cause and nature of pathologies. This group can be attributed to radiographic and tomographic setup for capturing images of individual sections of the mouth;

    vacuum systems. Oral hygiene is important not only in daily procedures, but also in the dental office. On time and fully remote saliva, solution for rinsing or solid particles are the key to a positive result of the manipulation;

    Offices (handling) setup. This is a complex endodontic systems and accessories, including apexlocator, motors, obturator, etc. They allow you to quietly and painlessly to carry out a wide range of manipulation;

    Laboratory equipment. Facilities for the production of prostheses (implants) allow you to accurately reproduce the damaged areas of the teeth;

    Sterilization equipment. In the oral cavity of the patient and so lives countless bacteria and to bring additional pathogens does not need it. To prevent such a scenario, used sterilizers, autoclaves, distillers and other equipment for manipulation and pre processing tool.

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