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What toys are the most popular?

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Modern teenagers and kids will not surprise simple dolls, cuddly bears or toy cars. These days children need all of the more interesting and challenging fun: toys, with which they Mogul “talk” or interactive apps for tablets and smartphones. Also, girls and boys like games based on movies or cartoons. For example, cars from the movie “Cars” (McQueen, M), doll "monster high” and “Winks”, “transformers”, toys, Angry birds etc.

Next, the employee where can you buy children's toys for every taste and color, please tell which games and toys are the most popular among girls and boys.


what's your game girl?

  • Little ladies prefer interactive “girly” toys. Often they like cats, ponies, dogs, who knows how to give paw, wagging his tail, to publish different sounds, etc. for Example, “cherry Cat” that “likes” to be petted, and responds to the voice of the hostess, simulates the behavior of the animal, which in turn is very much like girls. Also, this could include more interactive babies-pups who need to change a diaper, feed them, and also serve as the “mom”;
  • Doll houses. Young madmuazele “need” a house for their dolls. Often, for Winx dolls and Barbie you can purchase accessories, such as: vans, cars, houses, etc.;
  • Dolls. Among girls popular nicne very popular polzuutsya “ugly” doll from the movie "Monster High" Barbie and "Winx" from the same m/f.

what are you playing boys?

  • Boys like you remote control cars and autocracy type "Hot Wheels”;
  • Along with cars are transformers, which was based on the eponymous films and m/f. In fact, transformers is the machine, which can easily turn into robots or the other “creatures”;
  • Designers. This kind of toys become very popular among the boys even from an early age. The most popular manufacturer is the LEGO company;
  • Toys by type "Young scientist". This "fun" is suitable for boys with 10 years, characterized by perseverance and having an interest in the workings of nature and the environment. There are a lot of areas of game data (chemistry, biology, physics). It's educational, science kits that not only entertain children but also teach the love of nature and develop logical thinking. By the way, the girls they really like.

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