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German boilers Vissman Vitopend: common problems and their solutions

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German boilers Viessmann Vitopend TM are in high demand among the variety of wall-mounted heating equipment on the market today. Boilers Vitopend give way to heat like small apartments, and spacious homes (up to 300 m 2), take up little space and are relatively inexpensive.

If You decided to install the boiler Vissman with closed combustion chamber, then you need to take into account the fact that the boiler must be placed at a distance  not < 1 m to the outer wall. Otherwise, when the outside air temperature -10 0 C and <, it will crash. In this case, save only the repair of gas boilers. By the way, in Kiev and Kiev region maintenance and repair of Viessmann boilers can be ordered in the company "VIESSMANN Atlant SERVIS": .

the Reasons for the failure of the boiler Vitopend can be a huge amount, for example, switch 170 of RA, which controls the operation of the fan, can freeze. If this happens on the monitor boiler display error.


Error F-5

Very common one is the “error F-5”. The most common causes of its occurrence are: incorrect installation of the flue, the chimney fouling crust of ice, failure of the Venturi tube or switch, the foreign object that randomly fell into the chimney (for example, a bird). In order to remove the error and to repair, in the 1st place, it is necessary to find the problem. It is better to turn to professionals in the service center.


“Hard” water

Trouble and difficulty of vissman boilers Vitopend is our “hard” water, which eventually leads to that may break the heat exchanger. The aggressive part of the “hard” of water causes scale, which, in turn, grows the heat exchanger and in the end there is a fistula or water in the heating system simply ceases to heat up. If the heat exchanger is covered with scum, but we need to flush him, though in a domestic environment a perfect result, this procedure will not give you. It is easiest to replace the heat exchanger.


Burned network controller

1-a widespread problem boiler Vitopend is breaking network controller (power supply unit). This case, unfortunately, is not a guarantee. This problem happens when heating equipment is not mounted voltage stabilizer. The only method that gives you the opportunity to insure against this problem is to install a voltage stabilizer.

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