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SilverRro - silver protection

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silver pro

Company Artlife, given the recent advances in the creation of highly environmentally friendly products, is pleased to novelty series Ekolife - an alternative antibacterial agent, effervescent tablets for water purification SilverRpro - silver protectio" - a very powerful, quick, safe means of silver-based to cleaning and disinfection of water, which has antifungal and antiviral effect, deodorizing, disinfecting and removing mold.

The active substance in tablets SilverRpro contains silver sulfate - the most powerful natural antibiotic from existing on earth. Most important is the fact that silver ions, in contrast to modern antibiotics, killing all pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic flora of the body, remain relatively safe for its own benefit the flora of the organism (saprophyte). In addition, the composition is a means of tartaric acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate, a surfactant (polyvinylpyrrolidone), natural flavor (peppermint essential oil), filler (maltodextrin).

Use the SilverRpro extremely simple: one or two tablets to dissolve in water containers, after which the bacteria in the water will become unviable. A package of effervescent tablets "SilverRpro" enough to carry out disinfection of water in an average month. Means very soluble in water. Aqueous solutions are transparent, odorless, do not leave marks on clothing, furniture and other machined surfaces.

Water, saturated with silver ions can be used to:
- Wash food - vegetables, fruits, berries, etc., utensils, and (2 tablets per 5 liters. Water).
- Treatment of the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat and nose and throat (1 tablet per 5 liters. Water).
- Treatment of wounds, abrasions, cuts, burns (2 tablets per 5 liters. Water).
- Compression and baths for fungal skin lesions (2 tablets per 5 liters. Water).
- Intimate hygiene (1 tablet per 5 liters. Water).
- Bathing infants (1 tablet per 10 liters. Water).
- Treatment of hands, face and body, a head (1 tablet per 5 liters. Water).
- Wash furniture, including children, as well as children's toys (1-2 tablets per 5 liters. Water).
- Wash walls and floors in residential and office spaces (2-3 tablets per 5 liters. Water).
- Purification of sinks and baths (3 tablets for 5 liters. Water).
- Watering of indoor and garden plants (1 tablet in 5 liters. Water for 2 weeks).
- Cleaning of carpets and other porous surfaces (3 tablets for 5 liters. Water).
- Purification of water in individual children's pools, bathhouses, saunas (2 tablets per 5 liters. Water).
- Wash vegetables before planting and to prepare for long-term storage (3 tablets for 5 liters. Water).

For a more thorough treatment is permissible soak products or cleaned items on 10-20 minutes in the working solution.

In addition effervescent tablets SilveRpro - completely environmentally friendly product - the components are 100% decompose in nature, without harming the environment. Unlike filters, and other disinfectants in effervescent tablets and chlorine is not used any of neutralizing chemicals. Therefore, they are completely safe for human inhalation, ingestion of residues means been wiped with detergent or by skin contact with the laundry, containing nevypoloskannoe detergent.

Effervescent tablets SilverRpro - silver protection - a great alternative for allergy sufferers and people with weakened immune systems, pregnant women and nursing mothers, caring for children.

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