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Isotonic drink AQUA NORM

contributes to optimal water and salt balance in the body, rapidly quenches thirst, stamina and performance, gives energy and charge a good mood.

WHAT IS isotonic drink?
In medicine, "isotonic" or "isoosmotic" called liquid having osmotic pressure is the same as in blood plasma. The phenomenon of osmosis is this: if you divide the permeable barrier two liquids with different composition, ie a concentration gradient across the membrane material, the water will pass from one chamber to another due to difference in osmotic pressure. A similar phenomenon occurs in the body, where the role of partitions perform cell membranes. Fluid, isotonic plasma do not alter the osmotic pressure of blood, and therefore does not change the concentration of electrolytes.

WHAT TO DRINK isotonic drinks?
The human body is 70% of the water, the body performs many functions. Together with then the body loses these important minerals and trace elements. These substances are called electrolytes - because they form an electrically charged ions when its dissolved in water.

All the water body is updated in about a month, and intracellular water - for a week. The daily water demand adult is 30-40 g per 1 kg of body weight! Average water loss per day healthy body is 2-3 liters (through urine, gastrointestinal tract, sweat and breath).

If quench your thirst with water only, the concentration of the remaining ions will decrease even more. So to quench your thirst with significant losses of water should be used with special drinks with electrolytes dissolved in them.

The main objective of isotonic - ensuring a uniform supply of body fluid.

DIFFERENCES FROM isotonic drinks water and energy
• Isotonic drinks contain trace elements, various extracts, and bio-active ingredients that help to regulate various body functions.
• Does not contain caffeine supplements.
• They are not agents of the nervous system.
• Do not raise blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
• Do not cause addiction and dependence.

• The regular use of isotonic drinks no additional admission vitamin-mineral complexes, because the body gets all it needs substance with a liquid.

What's in the drink AQUA NORM?
Isotonic drink AQUA NORM contains some salt (sodium chloride, potassium chloride), L-carnitine, glycine, fructose, malic and tartaric acid, extracts of hawthorn, green tea and ginkgo biloba, a complex of vitamins: vitamins C, A, B1, B3 , B6, B9

Who needs isotonic drink AQUA NORM:
The drink is recommended for people who lead active lifestyles, athletes with severe conditions (high temperatures, high physical activity) in the hot season to quench their thirst, as well as those that control body weight (if different diets, cleansing the body, fasting) .

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