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Allergen-specific immunotherapy

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Each of the people living on this planet, felt phenomena such as cough, runny nose, sneezing, swelling etc All in one way or another are the body's reaction, or rather its immune system to a stimulus that falls inside. These symptoms are also evidence of the development of such a pathological process as using advanced techniques and is performed by the medical center «Universal clinic “Oberig”.

What is ASIT?

As the majority of ordinary citizens, and physicians are trying to deal with the symptoms of allergies? Right, is receiving a special antihistamine drugs that relieve swelling, cough reflex, etc. for Many it helps and quickly, but the problem is that the way we are fighting only the symptoms and not the cause - the hypersensitivity of the immune system on individual organisms or substances. That is, to really deal with the Allergy will have to "reflash" the immune system in perception of specific stimuli. This can be done using ASIT - allergen-specific immunotherapy.

This method appeared and was first tested in 1911. By the way, the notion allergies clinical practice was also introduced in the early twentieth century - in 1906. After more than 100 years, this method is still the most effective against the root causes of the disease and included in the list of who recommendations.

How is ASIT, and who needs it?

Most of us know or at least understand what the body needs workout. For example, to learn to lift a lot of weight, you should start with small gradually increasing it. The situation is similar when we try to harden. The immune system if it operates correctly, also needs exercise, only in this case, gradually introduced a specific allergen, the body learns to take it, not so hostile. The result of these actions is understated response to stimuli.

the Greatest efficiency ASIT is observed for allergic processes, occurring and flowing through IgE-mediated mechanisms. These categories can be attributed to a pollen Allergy, seasonal symptoms Hyper reaction of the immune system, persistent allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma. Before therapy is necessarily performed diagnostics using markers to potential reactions to specific substances. The technique gives long lasting effect with regular use for 3-5 years.

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