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Machine cosmetology for face: What is it?

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Modern and encompasses a huge range of services aimed at improving and restoring the skin. To perform cosmetic procedures used specials. devices, thanks to which the skin is injected with certain drugs. Today cosmetology is very much like vehicles, and drugs, since they are introduced. That is why the choice of a procedure depends directly on the problems that need to be addressed.


Hardware cosmetology: Key benefits

the Main advantage of hardware cosmetology is to return the skin a well-groomed appearance and health without surgery. This, in turn, makes it possible to reduce probable discomfort directly during the procedure itself, as well as the risks that are associated with the emergence of various complications.

the Latest devices have a variety of functions. Almost all of them have the ability to choose settings that will match the skin type of the woman and her age, as well as to adjust the frequency and depth of exposure to cosmetic device on the skin.

Today, hardware cosmetology the power to fix absolutely everything, without exception, the problems that are associated with the skin. What kind of apparatus it is necessary to apply – depends on the problem.


Hardware cosmetology: What can it solve?

the range of procedures that are performed by different apparatuses are divided into aesthetic and therapeutic. But this division is rather conditional, since aesthetic beauty is both more and medical. That is why it is a subtype of treatment. Let us consider each of these types.


Aesthetic hardware cosmetology

She includes:

  • Photo - and laser hair removal;
  • Radiolifting;
  • Myostimulation;
  • Laser therapy
  • Lymphatic drainage

To the treatment of cosmetology include:

  • Rejuvenation of the skin;
  • Vacuum ultrasonic cosmetology (cleaning);
  • Cryotherapy;
  • Galvanotherapy;
  • Darsonvalization and many other procedures.


cosmetology includes various minimally invasive procedure whose primary purpose is the improvement of the skin, and the latest hardware to protect women from surgical procedures and their possible negative consequences.

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