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Sheba the most advanced, state research center of Israel

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Medical center in the Israeli city of tel Aviv, the Sheba clinic is committed to clinical excellence based on a solid Foundation of research and development, as well as by investing in professional staff resources, infrastructure, and other objects. Shiba provides its employees with a working environment that stimulates the search and development of innovations to meet the basic medical needs for patients. The superiority of this hospital are recognized not only in Israel but throughout the world.

Medical center. Chaim Sheba (tel Hashomer) is home to a large specialized research centres, which consists of fundamental, translational and clinical research in a wide range of medical disciplines. Thanks to the fully oriented patient approach and a unique collaborative network of institutions, local and global medical research centers, universities, and different medical field, the clinic provides services that truly help to save lives.

Goals and capabilities of the research center of Sheba

an Interdisciplinary group of clinical researchers, scientists and doctors Sheba strive to transform the latest advances in science into new drugs, devices or diagnostic tools to treat the most complex health conditions of the 21st century. The hospital works together with leading national and international biotechnology companies with outstanding experience in the field of fundamental research, promoting the effective translation of proven scientific advances into clinical practice.

in addition, the clinic is accredited in accordance with the requirements of HHS, which entitles it to receive Federal grants for research related to clinical trials of the innovation on people. Thus, Sheba is the main place for medical experiments or developments sponsored by the global pharmaceutical industry. Own research of the hospital are financed from internal sources and donations from local or international research trusts and private companies related to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

Sheba Scientists together with industry to develop breakthrough medical innovations, including therapeutic decisions, diagnostic tools, imaging techniques, delivery systems of drugs or medical devices. World-renowned researchers and clinicians of Israel has made a significant contribution to the development of knowledge and medical decision making in diverse areas such as cell biology, biotechnology, genetics, imaging, and medical technology. For many decades, working in the city continues to follow its main mission, while remaining a center for medical research that help improve the lives of people around the world.

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