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HIV infection: the Main symptoms

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HIV is quite “treacherous” infection. This is due to the fact that the implementation of the HIV virus in the human body and its subsequent reproduction often is not manifested in the form of some specific symptoms. The only guaranteed method of determining HIV status is undergoing medical tests for HIV.

sometimes after HIV infection (the so-called acute stage) is showing some symptoms, about which we will tell the editor of the portal By the way, can be read as the person's face to determine whether he has HIV.


Symptoms of HIV

And generally the 1st symptoms of the viral infection, it is implicit. For example, after a couple of weeks after infection in humans infected with HIV, the body temperature can rise to 37,5-38 degrees, increase “bling" of the lymph nodes, sometimes in the throat an unpleasant sensation, and pain when swallowing, skin red spots, and often there is diarrhea.

the symptoms of HIV, patients often do not pay attention, because taking them for minor signs of poisoning or a cold. And there is nothing strange, because they are difficult to distinguish from symptoms of the flu or the common cold. Moreover, these initial HIV symptoms quickly disappear and there are not all infected. But, if they were really caused by HIV infection, their loss will mean further development of the infection.

the Presence in the human body, HIV can be completely invisible in for 10–12 years: often, so much time without treatment goes directly from HIV infection and to AIDS.

at Times, the infection manifests itself as almost imperceptible signs: increase in several lymph nodes-above the collarbone, on the back (sometimes front) side of the neck, groin and armpits. In this case should be checked not only for diseases that are accompanied by swollen lymph nodes (for example, Hodgkin's disease) and also for HIV.

In the course of progression of HIV infection, and weakening of the human immune system, in HIV-positive people appear the 1st signs of AIDS (diseases that a healthy person can easily cure and go by themselves). At this stage what any infection can lead to death.

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