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Israeli cosmetics DeSheli

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The whole world is the Dead Sea is known not only by its salinity, but also strikinggovernmental healing properties. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to use the resources of the sea in order to create a cosmetic treatment tools are exported to many countries around the world. History of the creation of cosmetics under the brand DeSheli: goes to 2008. It was then in Israel, at the facilities of cosmetology laboratory Khlavin created the first samples.

The laboratory specialists engaged in the research and development of medical cosmetics since the 70s of the last century, have set themselves the ambitious task of creating a completely innovative line of cosmetics. At the core of each product were invariably false contain natural ingredients combined with the achievements of modern scienceand the latest technology. The cornerstone of cosmetics brand DeSheli, is their pronounced therapeutic recovery the effect on human skin. Having already pretty solid history and experience, the staff strictly observe the main principle of production - quality. All components have the appropriate certificatesquality, tested, and licensed production of a quality system ISO.

Cosmetics DeSheli this:

  • technological and scientific innovation;
  • popular, proven for thousands of years, recipes;
  • natural ingredients (extracts of ginseng, figs, chamomile oil, sea minerals, fish oil);
  • outstanding medicinal properties;
  • continuous improvement and attention to customers.

DeSheli - is synonymous with superb QUALITYIslands, professionalism, scientific progress and availability.

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