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Human vision

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Human vision - is a complex psychophysiological process of obtaining and processing information on the environment (image objects). As a result of the visual perception, a person is able to represent the size, shape, color, the positional relationship between the distance of objects. According to the research, the vision is the most informative system of collecting information by the body - of the order of 70-90% obtained information from the outside, it is perceived through sight.

The human visual system is a complex system evolved, however, exposed to harmful factors, which do not adversely affect quality of vision:

- diseases (cataract, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, etc.) Is influenced by the perception and can cause partialth or complete loss of visual function;
- pathology and defects (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, ptosis) affect the nature and clarity of perception;
- timing and noise perception (morning, afternoon, dusk, night , bright sun, fog). The human eye is designed in such a way that perfectly perceives the information day, etc.Practical nothing boasts night.

If the disease require serious treatment and even surgery, the defects of perception and "noise" can be minimized by using optical instruments - glasses and contact lenses. Points, historically - the most common optical device for correction and stuchsheniya view. Technically consist of, in fact, optical element (lens) and the mounting system (frame). Nowadays there are many types and designs of points from actually correcting (different lens designs differently changing the focal length of the eye), to sunscreens, anti-reflective, and others. Contact lenses - it is also correctcial instruments, but do not require a frame. Choose the right means of correction or decoration experts will help ophthalmologists - this will save your money and health.

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