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Treatment of osteoarthritis

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Today's society with all of the degree of development that exists thanks to tthe Technical advances are increasingly in contact with the back of the medal - diseases that develop as a result of violations of the normal rhythm and way of life in nature. Irregular physical activity (and sometimes complete lack of it), metabolic disorders, malnutrition and poor environment - these are the main hazards with whichbubbled somehow touches modern Homo sapiens. The consequence of exposures is, including the development of dangerous diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system - osteoarthritis. The disease is a whole range of degenerative disorders of cartilage joints. Most lesions are purely objectXia intervertebral discs.

The reasons for the development of osteoarthritis few:

- an unhealthy diet, as a consequence, metabolic status and cartilage;
- a sedentary lifestyle, which is exposed to the majority of office plankton. This increases the load on the spine repeatedly thatis a violation of the state of its constituent parts - the intervertebral discs;
- overweight, which increases the load on the spine;
- the investigation of spinal injuries;
- excessive exercise, including at work, against the background of an underdeveloped muscular system;
- stress and bad habits.

If you need to - is a mecca for this. There are more than 10 specialized clinics, among which you can choose exactly the right for you. And remember, if time does not take preventive measures, the disease can develop into more complex forms - protrusion, herniation, sciatica. In the treatment of osteoarthritis, there are twoapproach - a conservative (in the vast majority) and operational (used very rarely with the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy).

The conservative methodology includes a set of measures aimed at eliminating the causes of disease, strengthening the musculoskeletal system. Allocate the following methods:

- physiotherapy;
- physiotherapy;
- massage;
- manual therapy.

Each of them has sufficient effectiveness, but stable result can only be achieved in combination.

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