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The modern man spends more time and immersed in cyberspace informationGUSTs. Mainly sensitive body responsible for collecting information and perception are the eyes. With such a significant amount of the harmful effects of significantly increasing the percentage of various eye diseases. But apart acquired, there are also inherent, quite common eye disease - nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism,preventing the normal process of formation of the image of the object in the organs of vision. Of course, modern medicine can offer many ways to solve this problem: the wearing of corrective optical accessories (glasses, contact lenses), methods of surgical vision correction. Completely cure these pathologies can not be - even hirurgical intervention is quite effective, provided that stopped the progression of the disease. The most effective method of slowing the progression of pathologies and time correction is orthokeratology. It is based on the change (temporary) shape of the cornea of ??the eye. As an optical corrector uses special hard hazopronitsaemye contact. Dress lenses at night during sleep and thereby changing the shape of the corneal epithelium, improving visual acuity. Using the lens at night will eliminate the need to wear correctors (glasses, lenses) in the afternoon.

Absolute indications for use of night lenses are:

- myopia (6 D), astigmatism (1.5 diopter);
- progressive pathology in children;
- the inability to perform on the testimony of surgical correction;
- professional contraindications to wear glasses or contact lenses.

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