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Magnets Zerosmoke

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In today's world, tobacco addiction is not inferior to the scale of alcohol. It also becomes a cause of cancer. Etc.istrastitsya smoking is easy, but to throw it harmful activity very difficult and sometimes it's back-breaking labor. Science does not stand still, and developing new methods and techniques to get rid of addiction, but not all of them are effective, but many require uncommon willpower from the smoker. Fundamentally new and revolutionary means of eliminatingof the daily needs of the "puff" is a magnet Zerosmoke. At the heart of the magnets is a technique called auriculotherapy or acupuncture point impact on the body. Place of focus, the points of the ear. Many people know that as a result of physical impacts on specific points of the ear (massage), we canbut remove the pain (especially at a toothache) without the use of painkillers. But surely no one guessed that a similar effect is also on a subconscious level reduces the urge to smoke. Biomagnit Zerosmoke is disk-shaped and covered with a ball in white gold to improve conductivity. The magnets used inpair, one of them located in the inner ear, the other - on the outside. For more details, visit the website: Held in place by magnets due to the mutual attraction and do not require additional hardware. This fact allows us to perceive magnets mounted on the ear, as an element of decoration. The effectiveness of magnesiumComrade repeatedly confirmed by laboratory and practical studies. With regular use (up to 9 hours per day) during the week there is a persistent reduction in craving for cigarettes, and a month later you really forget about their problems. The effectiveness of the magnets is 90-97%.

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