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Treatment in Thailand

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Cat of us have not heard or dreamed of one day to visit this mysterious faraway country of Thailand. Many of the country associativeciation with a rich history, wonderful holiday, Thai boxing, Thai massage. Argue here is difficult, because the Thais are very hospitable and enterprising people who make every effort to develop the main source of income - tourism industry. &Nbsp; But recently a serious competition "traditional" tourism began to bea rapidly developing branch of medicine. By the way, zapisatsya treatment in Thailand, please visit. A significant share in the field of tourism began to occupy the so-called medical tourism. In addition to increasing numbers of tourists, this type of activity directly stimulates the development of domestic medicine, which largely orientationted it to tourists. A significant part of the personnel engaged in the field of medicine,   educated and   had an internship abroad - in the best clinical institutes of the USA and Europe. Medical centers are equipped with the latest medical equipment, in order to meet the high level of foreign meducherezhdeny and, in fact, the desired relation to aebe visiting clients.

The main advantages of medical tourism in Thailand is the following:

- more than affordable price (much lower than in Europe);
- a wide range of services (gynecology, cardiology, dentistry, plastic, pediatrics and more );
- maximum Optimizedovannoe time, so that - no queues and reducing line operations;
- excellent conditions for rehabilitation;
- the opportunity to combine leisure and diagnostics;
- outstanding hospitality.

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