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Many of us, regardless of where they live, have got pets.The choice of pet amazing variety of species, but still limited to a few moments, the most important of which are: Wednesday residence of the owner, the nature of its activities, employment and the availability of sufficient area. In the city, for example, people most often decide to have cats, dogs or small animals (parrots, hamsters, Aquarium fish, etc.), for obvious reasons: the lack of space-time. In the village are a bit different: the presence of subsistence farming, their food, fresh air contribute to breeding houses not only small but also large animals. But they all share one feature - as owner, pet regardless of sizefrom time to time require special care doctor - a veterinarian. Whether it is a preventive visit or need for medical care - to do this is to a specialist vet. It will help you in this veterinary clinics SVAO specialists. Their staff has the best education, practice and experience. They have a powerful and modern medical centerth equipment. can offer you:

- non-stop reception;
- the possibility of securing a physician for specific pet on the principle of family doctor;
- modern equipment: ultrasound, X-ray, ECG, MRI, etc. ;
- modern operating;
- cooperation with modern laboratories;
- The presence of a hospital and an insulator for animals of different species, and much more.

Please contact the veterinary clinic SVAO and your pets will create the best conditions!

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