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First aid kit and its composition

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Everyone, regardless of age or sex, from time to timeneeds medical attention. The nature of it, of course, is primarily dependent on the individual case, but also has a statistical age, gender and territorial percentage. Of course, most of the necessary assistance is domestic in nature, when you can do the means at hand without having to call a doctor, but it happens andso that a person needs urgent medical care due to serious illness or injury. In this case, before the arrival of ambulance crews need to provide first aid to the injured. As to render it, everyone should know, as well as the necessary means they need to be at home, in the car, at work, and their set sovokupnosbe referred to not only as a first aid kit. And what should be included in the kits? This question we will try to answer Petrov AN - Officer: The composition of the kits can be varied, depending on the anticipated conditions of use: place and scope, nature of diseases (injuries), number of persons and things. Structurealso differs by age. But there is, of course, means and tools that are essential and must be present in any medicine cabinet, among them:

- dressing (kosinka, bandage, plaster);
- means the treatment of wounds (iodine, brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide);
- means stopping the blood flowcheny (tourniquet, gauze cloth, wool);
- gloves;
- tweezers, scissors;
- painkillers (analgin, tsitramon, aspirin);
- antibiotics (ampicillin, streptocid );
- antiallergic, and antispasmodic drugs;
- ammonia;
- activated carbon.

In addition to these funds, dependpending on the scope of use and legal requirements, first-aid kits may supplemented with:

- protivosokovmi sets, syringes;
- antidotes;
- stimulants;
- means for disinfection.

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