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What is manic depressive psychosis

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Bipolare disorder, or more popularly known manic depressive psychosis (MDP) is a mental illness that manifests itself in the form of affective states (episodes or phases):
- manic (high motor and mental agitation, hallucinations, irritability); < br /> - depressive (depressed mood, reduced annetita, slowdown);
- Mixed (rapid change of state or the simultaneous manifestation of symptoms characteristic of both of the above phases).

TIR is endogenous, that is, possible reasons for its appearance are heredity and constitution of a person. Periodically alternating episodes: directly or hErez   (&Laquo; light » intervals). The duration and frequency of the individual phases differ from a few days to a few months (or even years). A huge portion of people suffering from such disorders can experience all of the phases of a disease, although the possibility of the appearance of other phase persists for life. Longer and are oftenXia depression phase (up to 50% of patients). They are characterized by seasonality (autumn or spring relapses). Least common is purely manic phase (up to 5% of sufferers). The remaining 45% of potential patients there is an alternation of the two phases, at what frequency and manifestations of phase change caused by inappropriate treatment (or lack thereof) s significant agetional increases. TIR treatment is complex and it consists of the following steps:

- the relief of acute mania (antidepressants, antipsychotics);
- therapy using mood stabilizers;
- psychotherapy, training ;
- family therapy.

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