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Hypoglycemia in Diabetes: Symptoms and Treatment

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Hypoglycemia – is a process in the body Thrights when the blood sugar falls below normal. It should be understood that this norm is for each person has their own, it is defined differently depending on many factors. Hypoglycemia can occur in all, even the most healthy people. can cope with its manifestations, but one should distinguish between hypoglycemia in healthy people and in thosex who is ill with diabetes. Let us consider the features of this phenomenon.

Hypoglycemia in healthy people who do not suffer from impaired blood sugar or diabetes, may be accompanied by very unpleasant, but mild symptoms. This dizziness and pallor, tinnitus, sweating, racesseyannost, inability to concentrate, fatigue, and hunger and nausea at the same time. If sugar is falling critically, and this is usually observed in patients with diabetes, then perhaps these same symptoms, but more exaggerated, and plus to them – palpitations, headache (spasm), the coordination of movings, speech, thinking, disorientation, seizures. Such manifestations are very afraid, because they can lead to coma.

How to deal with hypoglycemia? If you know that your health is good, if there are signs of hypoglycemia should take fast carbs. This can be a glucose tablet or some sweetness, nFor example, chocolate. With hypoglycemia in diabetics need to be much more careful these simple measures do not, this disease requires serious treatment. In the first place, it is necessary to treat diabetes and precise control of blood sugar levels, making it all the time.

If the meter shows that the level of sugar inyou downgraded, but you are not experiencing symptoms of hypoglycemia, should still take some portion of fast carbs. Since diabetes is accompanied by constant high level of sugar in the blood, when it falls it is not necessary to raise the level of harmful for diabetics products – flour, sweet, sugar. Use tablets gluongoats – is the best option for diabetes.

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