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Cell technologies in medicine and cosmetology

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Medicine – one of samax-growing areas of science. Scientists are learning more about human nature and functioning of the body. And today become widespread cellular technologies in medicine, t. E. The impact on the body takes place directly at the cellular level. Stem Cell Transplantation – already proven effective technology treatment of many serious diseases. Also, cellular technology used in aesthetic medicine to replace damaged cells healthy, to restore the functions and properties of the skin and tissues. There is even a separate branch of cosmetology – cosmeceuticals, science at the crossroads of cosmetology and pharmaceuticals. Pharmacy Mirra kotoRui can be found on the Internet, including offers cosmetics, affecting skin cells from the inside.

Rescue – in cells

In the treatment of serious diseases threatening human life, great progress has been technology transplantation own articleoxen cells of the patient. These cells contribute to the rapid regeneration of damaged organs, replacing a diseased, damaged cells. This technology is effective in the treatment of cancer, liver disease and the joints. Also, the stem cells used in the treatment of many skin diseases and autoimmune disorders. The main advantherapy exists own cells – their adaptation to the needs of the body: possible rejection of cells, as well as contamination of infectious diseases.

Cosmeceuticals: Cell Technologies guard Beauty

Cell techniques are widely used in the relatively new exampleION Cosmetology – cosmeceuticals. Components of such cosmetics penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and trigger the underlying mechanisms of rejuvenation and recovery. Kiev Internet pharmacy may implement such preparations, as well as stationary and pharmacy. In conventional cosmetic stores such funds can not buy yet.

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