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Transfer factors: how to always be healthy

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The unfavorable ecological situation, constant stresss, unbalanced diet are increasingly taking a toll on human health. The number of people suffering from immune disease progresses. But the immune system — it is a natural defense of the body against harmful germs, bacteria and viruses. How to improve your health? Is there a drug complex effects that couldwould raise the level of immunity and have a beneficial effect on the basic system of human organs? The present level of development of medicine has allowed scientists to invent such types of drugs. They were.

In its scope of these substances are immunomodulators. The main components — This protein concentrates molecules derived from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks. Made from natural ingredients known for their beneficial properties, immunomodulators are easily digested and have no side effects.

is an ideal formula to strengthen the immune system. The drug includes an extracts soya beans, nutritional yeast, as well as a whole range of natural energotonik. Among them are: lemon, aloe vera gel, olive leaves European, shiitake mushroom. Balanced complex makes it more effective primary treatment regimen, as it accelerates the action of all groups of drugs.

Another version of immunomodulatorsin is obtained about it, talk about positive changes in the treatment and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Strengthening the walls of blood vessels, vitamins A, E, C, a mixture of hawthorn extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves and reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Stay healthy and give your family's health!

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