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Artlife catalogue of cosmetics

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Catalogue of cosmetics Artlife

All new items to a new directory on cosmetics Artlife

Released a new catalog of cosmetics, which presents a full range of cosmetic products Artlife, including all the new items:
Innovative cosmeceutical products - a line of cleansing products Q-system and "smart cream» uniQ!
• NEW: "Milk & Mack", "Milk & Bamboo", the male line, "Savage"
Line of ProBiocosmetics, «Vitamin Mix Exotic», «Naturasept" oral hygiene products N-zim, the line treatment and prevention of Activ, tea tree oil and silver-based products (Argolife, Argosept).
Catalogue of cosmetics - an effective sales tool, which contains:
• A detailed description of the cosmetic lines that make up the ingredients, plant extracts and their actions
results of testing facilities in cosmeceutical research laboratories of the manufacturer

Book catalog of cosmetics Artlife warehouses service!

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