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Love Master and Fleure-de-femme

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Supplements «Love Master» for men and sex lubricant gel «Fleure-de-femme» for women.

Legend has it that men are from Mars and women - are from Venus. An irresistible force draws us to each other, this force - the love!

Harmonious relationship between man and woman - a pledge of happiness and peace of mind of partners. The harmony of relationships born out of being in the intimate sphere, which defines the internal energy of the pair, creates the integrity of the two principles at the deepest level.

As a result, the impact of stress on the body, disease and the effects of malnutrition, mental and physical fatigue - well-being of the most important sphere of human relations becomes very brittle and breaks the harmony. How can I avoid this?

Formula of intimate relationships are strong, we have found it and are willing to share! We present you a new product line "Formula of Love": which includes
Supplements «Love Master» for men and sex lubricant gel «Fleure-de-femme» for women.

«Love Master» - is different from other herbal remedies such a unique combination of the five most powerful herbal stimulants erectile function: the root of the tongkat ali (evrikoma dlinnolistnaya), bark yohimbe, Mountain Girl, ginseng, African plum bark (pidzheum). These plants have long been known in the growth of its powerful effects on the male body, providing improved men's health in general and increase sexual desire in particular.

Phitopreparation "Love Master" increases vitality and adaptive reserves of the male body, stimulates testosterone production, increase libido, normalize the blood circulation in the male genital organs, and improves erectile function, enhances the sensory experience.

Sexual usefulness for men - the most important component of health, success, high self-esteem. Self-confidence, leadership, commitment, physical endurance - all signs of a general men's health, in particular, a sufficient level of testosterone.

Testosterone, also called "hormone winners" - the main male hormone, throughout the life it supports sexual desire, potency, muscle and bone mass. If testosterone is not enough, the male type of behavior is changed, the man is unable to perform assigned to him by nature an active role, both in relations with a woman, and in the community.

Depending on the desired results, we recommend a one-time or term appointment. In order to enhance sexual sensations, increase potency, giving confidence to the rendezvous important enough to take 1-2 capsules an hour before close. With long-term abstinence, with an irregular sexual life, with a short weak erection, to improve the overall tone and drive - we recommend taking the drug exchange. Number of courses per year is determined individually.

«Fleure-de-femme» (
"Women's Flower") - Sex lubricant gel, a unique tool to enhance the sensations and orgasm during intimacy, improves blood circulation and lymph circulation in the pelvic area, so the woman is no stagnation of fluids , which is one of the main causes of chronic gynecological diseases and cancer.

The problem of insufficient hydration of the mucous membranes leads to a decrease in sexual desire, and as a result of diseases of the sexual sphere. "
Women's Flower" contains the active components (extracts tsetrarii and chamomile, aloe vera, lactic acid, propylene glycol, cellulose) provide a physiological pH level required to maintain the normal microflora, exert anti-inflammatory effect, accelerate the healing of microcracks.
Especially valuable curative effect on the body has an L-arginine, which is part of the gel. This amino acid is required for the synthesis of sex hormones with age (after 30-35) is no longer produced in the body in sufficient quantity. Deficiency of L-arginine may lead to various disorders in both women and men. Assimilation of L-arginine occurs only through the mucous membranes.

L-Arginine helps prevent diseases of the female reproductive system that pushes early menopause, menopause smooths manifestations coming to stabilize the menstrual cycle, increases the sensitivity of sexuality and women.

Helps normalize the function of Bartholin glands that produce lubrication. Constant updating of grease prevents the growth of microorganisms in the vagina, thus preventing the discharge, itching, unpleasant odor.

Regular use of "Formula of Love" will make the relationship between a man and a woman more romantic and passionate, will give a great sensual intimacy and create harmony between sexual partners.

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