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The doctor prescribed more than 5 drugs: drink them or not?

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If your doctor has prescribed medication to drink « & raquo ;, handfuls of whether to obey him? Comprehensive treatment of PACienta several drugs that may be unfounded, has a special medical term – polypharmacy. Usually « attack medicines » Pensioners get pregnant and whose risk of side effects with this treatment is large enough. So is it worth spending your cash or produce, to buy soth number of drugs?

10 medicines – it is 100% of side effects

It is proved that in 100% of cases, if you are taking 10 or more drugs, the side effects are provided. Some of them may be so severe that hospitalization is required.

Medications can react chemically with betweenfight, which inevitably leads to toxic effects. Typically, this process is localized in the liver area. As a result, one drug enhances or reduces the effect of the latter. One of the most dangerous drugs in this sense, Warfarin recognized and prednisolone. So before you buy, and another batch of drugs, further adviseCamping with your doctor. It is useful to refer to clinical pharmacology.

Self abandon one of several drugs is not worth it. You can deprive yourself of essential drugs. If you are already taking more than 5 kinds of medicines, check with your doctor even purchase nutritional supplements and vitamins. During a visit to any other doctor informede him that you are already taking.

If you can not consult a doctor, carefully review recipes. They usually specified list of drugs with which the tool is not compatible.

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