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How to choose the right hearing aid

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Millions of people around the world have a problemwe are hearing. The process of hearing loss in each individual develops. How to choose the right hearing aid, about the effectiveness of their work - a conversation correspondent "CSO" with the head office surdologichesky, physician-audiologist Rivne Regional Hospital Oleg little finger.

- It is true that the hearing aid can cause deterioratedix hearing?
- Many years of experience of practical restoration hearing proves that patients and even some doctors are afraid to use the hearing aid for the correction of hearing. Because they believe that the enhanced device sound negative impact on those balances hearing that a man can have. This view of the hearing aid existed 25-30 years ago. And evidence of unskilled such "experts". The hearing aid may cause hearing loss only in the case where it was picked up correctly. For example, a patient may be acoustic trauma, if a minor hearing loss it will use high-powered hearing aid. As a result - this will cause yeslneyshemu hearing loss. The same thing can happen if a person will use a hearing aid, which has not been specifically chosen for her professional and it is the same as buy shoes without trying them on e-mail. Or let us say, the device has received or purchased from random people and the unit was weak and does not provide sufficient gain sounds and intelligibility.

- Quite often people refuse to hearing aids. In your opinion, what is the reason for this behavior?
- There are several reasons. One of the main - is the one that people are not aware of their problem of hearing loss or afraid because of the misconception about hearing aids to lose the remnants of hearing. Moreover, quite oftenlyshu from patients that they do not want to wear a hearing aid because it is big and uncomfortable.

- And how do you persuade people to use a hearing aid?
- usually people who can not hear, at the request of relatives surveyed come to the reception. They do not want to understand that constant peresprashivaniya, handling Watch yoAnia whisper, loud pronunciation annoying others and thus complicate the lives of not only themselves, but also relatives. In addition, a person who is hard of hearing, does not feel sick. But awareness of the problem comes only after 6-7 years. Meanwhile, the auditory nerves when hearing loss do not perform their function and audio signals are no longer coming in mSIGs. He begins to "forget" sounds and loses the ability to understand the language. After hearing center preserves the memory of the sounds in the three years following the hearing loss. But after seven years, these memories fade away.

- That is, if a person feels the problem of hearing loss, it is immediately necessary to see a specialist?
- Yes, and the sooner he edo something, the better. After all, sometimes you can and avoid wearing a hearing aid. However, in most cases it is still necessary. The device stimulates the brain. But it does not reduce the constant wearing of hearing, and vice versa - leads to improved speech intelligibility. By the way, when a person sees bad, he had no problems wearing glasses. But fear wear your hearingapparatus triggered human systems.

- And what are the hearing aids?

- With the latest advances in hearing aids, cell phones are practically invisible to others. For example, the inner Simerex no more coffee grain. It is possible to choose the machine that will help solve the problemu and at the same time will not cause any inconvenience. Therefore, we should not forget the basic principle of medicine, testifying that it is better to prevent disease than to treat it. Only the timely treatment to the doctor about hearing loss and, if necessary, his compensation with a hearing aid, provide the person polnotsennuyu life, development, career development and peace in the family.

- How much time is needed to adapt to wearing a hearing aid?
- It is clear that to wear a hearing aid have to get used, and should take some time to adapt. In addition, you should pay attention to how comfortable you feel, not aboutschuscheniya discomfort. Note for yourself all the words you hear clearly.

And if problems occur, be sure to consult a doctor, audiologist, and a detailed description of what you are concerned when wearing a hearing aid. Only in this way will be able to set up a specialist hearing aid, taking into account all the individual characteristics.

Note toThen the machine to adjust the quality, have a few times to see a specialist. He will adjust according to the indicators audiogram. Approximately two weeks later a specialist set the machine according to your feelings. And only then the device will be your indispensable tool in everyday life, the quality of whichof significantly improved.

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