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Targeted therapies in oncology

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0 2021

With the latest oncology drugs once transferred to the usual chronic ZaboLevan. Targeted drugs act on the tumor without poisoning the body.

Every year from malignant tumors die about 150 thousand Ukrainian people. Withdraw from the category of cancer deaths can Targeted diseases. They are recognized by the world of medicine "gold standard" in the treatment of many types of cancer, according to Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Chapteravny oncologist Cherkassy region Viktor Paramonov, 51 years old. For example, drugs, Roche, which is one of the world's leading companies in the field of diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.

- "Gold standard" refers to a new and highly effective method that has been tested on thousands of people. Targeted therapies now the latestdrugs in the world of cancer, although the first of their species appeared about 30 years ago. This is not surprising: the development and testing of new drugs continues decades. The advent of targeted therapies is to change the situation in oncology. When I started working, the patients, such as lymphoma more than 2-3 years are not lived. Thishour, thanks to targeted therapies, this disease can be cured. This therapy is no exaggeration to call revolutionary method of treating tumors.

How does it differ from traditional chemotherapy?

- Chemotherapy drugs destroy the DNA of the cells of the body. The patient to select a dose from which the cancer cells to die, but healthy fomarketing and intoksikuyutsya. Therefore, after a person suffers from chemistry of various complications: reduced immunity, the hair falls out, sick. Targeted drugs act only on cancerous cells. Shoot them as the targets. Target from English - target. In most cases, the cancer cells can not be restored later.

Passkazhite as are targeted therapies.

- The drug is not only the tumor, but also the individual cancer cells scattered throughout the body. The substance can act even on those micrometastases, which does not define the diagnosis. Healthy cells targeted therapies bypass. Therefore, treatment is without intoxication. Patients transferringso much easier to therapy. The patient is not thrilled, it's not sick.

These drugs significantly increase the chance of recovery?

- Recently in Cherkassy high officials awarded the Order of Merit. Three years ago, he treated us lymphoma fourth stage targeted agents. Without them, I could not even guarantee that he will survivet - not that work. And he is in great shape! Cancer lymphoproliferative systems, as he is not in a tumor site, or which can be operated to irradiate. It affects the whole system at once. It is treated with targeted therapies such types of lymphoma, even if the third and fourth stages of the disease.

Respect of which the cancer bHandy, this therapy gives better results?

- Modern medicine is personalized. For example, are four subspecies of breast cancer, each has its own treatment. Arsenal targeted agents is growing, and they work in different types of cancer and localization. Particularly efficacious they are when it comes to cancer limfoproliferativnost system. In this disease in the white blood cells - lymphocytes - natural program crashes, and they begin to continually divide and accumulate in various organs and systems. Basically, the lymph node. It is thanks to targeted therapy of lymphoma are gradually moving from the category of deadly diseases in a completely treatable.

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