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Medical and hygienic shampoos

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Among the conventional detergents A directbut cosmetic-hygienic shampoos, bubble baths, shower gels are quite large and varied range for the category of goods. Over the past 10-15 years-foam detergents have undergone significant changes in the quality, and a little in functional terms. Much attention is paid dermatological safetyof, search-friendly and non-toxic anionic surfactant, a good consumer characteristics, softness, aesthetic design. Each drugstore shampoos, gels, balms medical and hygienic products presented in a large assortment. Knowledge of the correct selection of shampoos, destination and mode of action of biologically active and auxi-gatelnyh substances, the general rules of prescription and technology shampoos help competent pharmacist to choose and advise the consumer a quality product.
Shampoo - cosmetic liquid, gel, cream or powder consistency, is designed to clean the hair and scalp as wellthe same care for them.
The cosmetic effect of shampoos is to provide cleaning, degreasing, cleaning and preventive action on your hair and scalp with it   taking into account the type and structure of the hair. Vibiraya shampoo is better to stay on. Buy these shampoos can be starting from the market and pharmacy, endingI have internet. So, for example, the online store you will find huge range of natural shampoos, cosmetics and personal care products at the lowest prices. &Nbsp;
Hygiene shampoos clean, degrease and wash the hair and skin of your head.
Therapeutic and prophylactic shampoos preventedquire dandruff, prevents hair loss have regenerating effect, provide etiological and pathogenetic treatment of various diseases of the hair and scalp, dandruff cure, through the introduction of complex dietary supplements, special additives.

Requirements for quality shampoos:

1. Must have high degreasing and foam-mying ability (easy to wash off the fat from the hair, giving a stable fine foam).
2. Easy to apply and easily be removed from the hair (except coloring shampoo), free pour or freely squeezed out of the tube.
3. Have a softness. The binding of calcium ions from hard water by the conventional fat hair and scalp soakzhe can damage your skin   and hair.
4. Have a pH within the physiological range of 3.5 to 8.5 (in accordance with TU6-39-49-92 "Shampoo, based on a rather synthetic surfactants and dietary supplements").
5. Give your hair silky, natural shine, fluffiness.
6. Provides easy freshness hair, keepingbe the elasticity of the hair without excessive degreasing.
7. Meet the intended purpose, depending on the structure and condition of the hair.
8. Has a protective, nourishing, anti-static properties.
9. No annoying, toxic and allergic properties.
10. For a long time provide kosmetichescue effect.
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