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What is the future of the medical profession?

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When it comes to the future of the medical profession, people think that the procRP G achievements released doctors from routine tasks and they will devote more time to patients. In addition, it should be said that the good doctor is not so much. But how do you know what the doctor is good and what bad? Often a doctor tell his patients, whom he had cured. So after listening to feedback, you can understand what it represents one or the otherugoy doctor. For example look about doctors Almaty and you will be able to understand what we wanted to tell you. The future of the medical profession is associated with something global - the future of all mankind. This sheds light on the two books of the Bible that tell about Jesus and his apostles.

Why do we especially interesting to see the events described therefrom the standpoint of a physician? How they relate to the future of both doctors and patients? And why some doctors are waiting for the time when their profession will go back in time?

Many doctors are quite observant. For example, one of the writers of the Bible, Luke, called « beloved physician & raquo ;, in two of his books gave a detailed description of the sick people, toOtori healed by Jesus and his apostles (Colossians 4:14). Recorded this doctor will help us to consider the following questions: « Those healing actually took place? &Raquo; And « if so, how this applies to modern doctors and patients? &Raquo;

Healing from the point of view of a doctor

From eyewitness Luke could verify the miraculous nature of these healings. In addition, he traveled extensively with the apostle Paul, and probably saw him healed many. Notice how much detail he describes the healing.
< br /> Luke indicates the time, date and place of the event. For example, one of them took place on the first day Nedwhether, at midnight. In Troas, the Roman province of Asia, in a large room in the house on the third floor has a group of Christians (Acts. 20: 4-8). Next we read: « one young man named Eutychus, sitting on the window. His great dream, because Paul spoke well, and he swung drowsy and fell down from the third floor - and was taken up dead & raquo ;. Then God's power Pavate raised the lad, and healed his wounds. After everyone had eaten, « Man alive led - and many happy » (Acts. 20: 9-12).

What convinced the doctor?

Luke described these cases in Acts when readers could still check written to her, talked to eyewitnesses of thoseevents. According to the narrative in the Bible book that bears his name, Luke noted that he has discovered « everything in detail from the beginning ... to the accuracy of the words you » (Luke 1: 3, 4, Galuschinsky). The fact that this physician saw and researched convinced him of the truth of Jesus' disciple. A miraculous cures were part of those teachings, because given the basistion to believe in the biblical prophecies that God eventually permanently eliminate all disease (Isa. 35: 5, 6). Luka, as the physician is constantly faced with the suffering of the people, was probably especially nice to think about the time when for physicians will no longer be necessary. Attracted by the prospect, and you?

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