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Color as an indicator of the quality of raw linseed

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The color is an important technological parametersthat the quality of flax raw materials: straw, trusts and fiber. According to the color index can be characterized by the collection, processing method, the presence of lesions and method of preparation of raw materials.

There are various methods for determining the color of flax raw materials, which include organoleptic (sensory) and instrumental. Today the color is determined andspolzuya organoleptic method, comparing the samples with standard samples, or using spectrophotometric and photoelectric methods which can be attributed both to express and to instrumental methods. Sensory or touch method resulting in a color group number to which the test sample and spektrofotomeelectric and photoelectric methods determine the color coordinates in the format colorimetric system XYZ, which was adopted by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) in 1931.

Using the organoleptic method to quickly determine the color index, although the accuracy of this definition depends on the skill expert, but knowing the group numberColors can easily imagine the color of the test sample, and knowing the color coordinates in the format HU7, determined by spectrophotometric or photoelectric methods, the color is difficult to imagine.

At present, there are different approaches to defining the color index, so the search for new and improved ways of using electron - calculatornyh systems or modern electronics is an urgent task to determine the quality of raw linseed.

The analysis of the results of research and patent sources shows that the problems faced by the definition of the color index specialists from various industries and service sectors: in dentistry for atdbora color dentures in the automotive industry to select the paint components when they are mixed, in the textile industry color indices accounted for evaluating the quality of raw materials, fibers or finished products in the food industry - in assessing the quality of food products, chemical - to determine the physico - chemical properties substanceIslands, in medicine - for example, in the analysis of blood in forensic science, construction and other industries. There have been attempts of scientists to determine the relationship between the color of flax fiber and its physical - mechanical characteristics.

The whole article. The purpose of the study is to identify more effective ways of presenting the results, we obtainennyh when analyzing the color indices of raw linseed.

Ophthalmologists use special. A very light radiation entering the human eye, creates a sense of a certain color brightness, hue and saturation. These three parameters determine the color of light. In color measurements to determine the color used a different set of parameters: if-operation of three reference radiation - red, green and blue that have compared this color. From this we can see that the color is a three-dimensional quantity.

In the textile industry measurement of color-treated or raw materials is carried out organoleptic, and photoelectric spectrophotometric methodsDAMI.

or photoelectric spectrophotometric techniques include the use spectrocolorimeter type « Raduga- 1 » and comparator color EKC and the Criminal Code. These devices differ in measurement accuracy and sensitivity to small color differences.

Devices « Raduga- 1 » and comparator color EKC and UKequally evaluate the variation of the color characteristics of standard samples of flax fiber entering different groups of color, but with different reproducibility.

Of the two above mentioned devices, the comparator of the Criminal Code provides better vidtvoryuryuvanist results in less time than the comparator EKC . This is due to constructsvnymi comparator features of the Criminal Code, which, in contrast to the comparator EKC is large in size orifice plates and built-in micro - computer, which averages the number of consecutive measurements.

The principle of operation of the comparator color of the Criminal Code is to measure the light fluxes from two compared samples received by the queue for Odien photodetector. The energy of the light fluxes by means of the photodetector is converted into electrical signals which, after preamplification and conversion - in discrete form processed micro - computer. As a result of measurement on digital display serves color coordinate values.

It is known that the natural color of the fiber flax and othertheir bast fibers are very different. Flax fibers can be silver - gray, tobacco, green and yellow. The color does not directly relate to the fiber spinning properties, but prefer him in assessing. By organoleptic evaluation preference is given to a light gray and gray fibers below the estimated dark fiber, green and yellow.

Obvari- is establishing a link between color and fiber content of encrusting substances is characterized by its degree of lignification: lighter than the fiber, the lower lignin content and other encrusting substances, ie fiber is flexible and durable.

When whitewashing linen yarn fiber and fabrics of different colors behave - MiscellaneousMu: light fiber bleached faster and need for dark long duration and a large concentration of the solution in the future adversely affect the strength of the yarn.

Especially harmful fibers diversity of color: the bleaching fiber of different colors and shades of bleached differently yarn and in this case it turns variegated.

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