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Hypertensive heart disease, its diagnosis

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Before the treatment of hypertension need to understand the nature ofhave high blood pressure. And if you have no underlying disease that is the cause of symptomatic hypertension, according to the concept of Tibetan medicine, high blood pressure causes malnutrition and respiratory organs and tissues, especially kidney and nerve centers of the cortex and subcortical structures of the Ministry of Healthha.

The cause of the power failure of vital organs Tibetan medicine believes embolism, or narrowing of the lumen, resulting in a blood clot « stupid » blood clot air gases, as a result of gas exchange abnormalities and deterioration of « breathing » blood and tissues and mucous - limfatichesWho or solid blood clot, the cause of which is « cold ».

Also, blood pressure raises the body to improve metabolism or to remove toxins from the blood increased renal filtration at high endogenous intoxication.

How to diagnose and treat each of the abovecases?

To do this you need to collect your urine in a glass jar and make a diagnosis according to the canons of Tibetan medicine, because the urine - is the filtered by your kidneys blood. And what you see in the urine and in your blood.

If your urine foams, or it observed air puzyrki as a champagne glass, this means that your blood tissue and your bad breath, poor absorb gases and therefore they float in the form of bubbles in the blood and urine.

For the treatment of hypertension in this case, and the normalization of breathing blood and tissues should be used « Energetin » (Take 1 teaspoon 2 pafor a day, in the morning before eating, and in the evening 2 hours after a meal), and « Rasayana » (Used together with the « Energetin » twice a day, or at night time 1).

Also, for the normalization of « breathing » Blood Tibetan medicine recommends nourishing bone broth for lunch, unrefined oils, Cell #mennuyu porridge and milk products for the evening.

If the urine is deep yellow or has a reddish hue, or cloudy or has a pungent smell, it means that there is a lot of blood toxins, or « bad blood » clogs the blood vessels and the body under pressure trying to provide food vital structures.After « bad blood & raquo ;, Tibetan bands - on, do not feed the organs and tissues and is an obstacle to their breathing and feeding.

In this case, the first 3-4 months is necessary to appoint « Sandal » 1 teaspoon in the morning and in the afternoon before eating, and after 4 months expel « stupid blood » compote of berriesbuckthorn, which should be taken in the morning as possible. For the treatment of excessive load can not, eat fresh, fried, acid (except lemon and sea buckthorn) and burning food, there is night. It is best suited here Basmati rice, pea puree, fish, pork and veal that lead.

If your background « Sandal & raquo ;, which expels « stupid blood » blood pressure jump in the morning before eating should be taken 1 teaspoon « Energetin & raquo ;, and at night 1 teaspoon « & raquo ;, Rasayana for dinner barley porridge.

Clear urine white, odorless or with a faint odor indicatesthat the cause of hypertension is « cold ».

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