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Cleaning after repair

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After completing the repair, constructionneed to carry out a professional cleaning service. During repairs in the apartment goes up dust that settles on the ceilings and walls, going debris, also becomes a dirt from building materials which are very difficult to get rid of. What is it? If it will make professional cleaning companies, then the price will becertainly higher. Why should you trust the professionals? Qualitatively, remove each meter room (windows, floor, doors, etc.) From building materials and other dirt is very difficult to get rid of, and without professional chemical agents and technology can spend a lot of time and effort before reaching the desired result, and even something to damage . ObaMeth chemicals are not designed to deal with persistent dry dirt from building materials and do not give the desired effect. Cleaning after repair is a complex work, the reason that requires maximum concentration and experience in cleaning because one is not the correct action or chemical means, and can only damage the okrashennye wall or valuable elements of the interior.

Clear all that clean water

During the repair work in the room of your apartment or house is a lot of construction dirt, dust, putty, primer on various surfaces.
We have successful experience in overcoming these problems Cleanup. Some ms will offer you.

Wash floors.

My floor or other surface we encounter a "divorce", ie just mud smeared all over again. In order to avoid streaks can be added to water is 5 mg LOC Universal detergent (25 still has applications).
So our master computation and parquet floor, shpatleApplication et al.. use this tool to drop a bucket of water to wash the cleaning of a floor once and without divorce.
black smith and master of dealing with oil smeared hands before handling this tool lubrication and do not remain in the hands if they then rinse with water.
Tool Environment for the skin and body. There is noallergy. Practically odorless. Diluted at a ratio of 1:20 for easy cleaning or 1: 200 according to our experience and the manufacturer's recommendations.
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