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Pricing the cost of dental services

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Does it cost? By pricing policies cost dentistscal services in a private practice as practice shows, the pricing process requires the use of special methodological approaches and the corresponding sequence. It should also be borne in mind that the art of pricing is to establish such its value corresponding to the evaluation of services by the patient. If on theto be lower than the estimate of the consumer, the lost potential profits, while inflating the reduced demand and how sledstvie- profit. That is, it is a question of establishing the optimal size of the price that takes into account both the desire and the capacity of the patient, and the interests of the private institutions.
The achievement of this is possible only if a clear defedeleniya pricing strategy and stages of dental services. It is necessary to notice that the private health institution may use different types of pricing strategies, such as:
penetration strategy in the global market-for new types of health services, which is depressed prices to attract bolshegon the number of patients and market expansion;
strategy "cream-skimming" - for the new types of health care providers who have unique properties, protected by patents, property rights, which in turn provides overpricing that with a decrease in demand for services may also decline;
strategy bonusprices to patients, spent a considerable amount of treatment or long-term use the services of the clinic.
According to the sequence of steps of pricing policy, it is advisable to adhere to the following one:
Determining the specific reasons that require a decision on prices provided :

  • the introduction of new medicalservices;

The objectives of pricing policy, that is, what specifically wants a private institution, setting a price:

  • to increase the volume of sales of medical services;
  • to increase market share, which covers the institution;
  • support the position of medical institutions in the market.

The analysis of competitors' prices in order to determine the upper limit of the cost of services.
Calculate costs for health care institutions in order to determine the lower limit of the price.
Option pricing models, the most common of which are:

  • models that focus on the productione costs;
  • model, guided by the demand;
  • models that focus on industry competition.

Thus, the basis of pricing is the formation of the reference price based on the cost of services, providing a break-even operation of private medical practice.
Methodology pBreakdown general operating expenses, which we use in the industrial activity, requires the use of an appropriate sequence. In this case, the primary thing for us is to establish the base distribution, for which the dental clinic is advisable to take staff salaries.
When calculating the value of one hundredmatologicheskoy services used as the method of full cost accounting for specific dental services with the so-called "standard cost". Using this method requires the registration of all material and financial resources necessary for the provision of certain services in terms of quality and quantity, valuation tightenedrat for each service; calculate the cost of "overheads", ie indirect costs on the basis of pre-defined parameters.
Achieving maximum coverage for dental services market requires the calculation of the cost of applying the method of positioning services, taking into account the different levels of cost of dentaltheir materials and oborudovaniya.Ustanovka final price for dental services also requires taking into account: minimum level of prices determined by the cost; the maximum level of prices in accordance with supply and demand; optimum price level to achieve these goals; level "prices indifference" to a patient in the presence of clinicslevel-stand indifferent to any of them apply.

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