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Get enough sleep – very important in the life of each personAnd it is possible only on a bed equipped with high-quality orthopedic mattress and foundation. This combination provides a physiological body position during sleep, preventing the occurrence of common diseases of musculoskeletal – musculoskeletal system.

Most believe that the quality of sleep is enough to buy a newmattress. This is not so. Even the most modern mattress used without proper reason not to be able to maintain optimal body position. Existing today complement and reinforce the functions of mattresses.

The base, suitable to all types of mattresses, consists of a frame (wooden or metal) And slats made of plywood. This design provides the necessary rigidity, combined with elasticity, which allows for the "correct" position – muscles relaxed as much as possible, the spine in physiologic status, blood circulation is not broken.

Depending on the model base, it may have ExtrasADDITIONAL adjustment:

• The rise of the head portion;

• The rise of the foot;

• Adjust the degree of elasticity in the lumbar part.

Thus, ironically, even if there are some problems with mobility – musculoskeletal system, high-quality base will help to ensure that existing health problemswill be adjusted and, at least, stop progress. Thus, every morning will be started easily and happily.

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