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Coffee Irish cream

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Coffee Irish cream of Artlife company

Foods with collagen is now available not only in fashionable foreign restaurants! Company specialists Artlife developed a new direction in functional nutrition - Food Cosmetics, makeup, or cooking, enriched by this protein. Eating foods Food Cosmetics, we are working on inside the body, enhancing the effectiveness of external cosmetics.

Coffee Irish cream with collagen from the Company Artlife has no analogues in Russia. In addition to the coffee granules and low-fat milk, it contains collagen hydrolyzate, vitamins C, B1, B3, B5, B6, E, dihydroquercetin and fructose.

Why is collagen so important? This vital protein is a major structural element of connective tissue that provides its strength and elasticity. In conjunction with dihydroquercetin and vitamin collagen smoothes the skin, giving it a healthy appearance, creaminess and softness, improves the complexion. In addition, the improved structure of hair and nails, accelerating their growth. Collagen is also a positive effect on the regeneration of cartilage surfaces and joints.

Coffee Irish cream with collagen will provide your body with nutrients needed to maintain youth and beauty!

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