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How to choose a treadmill

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Today, people are spending more time on sedentary Startedand those are inactive lifestyle. Due to this factor only not many people who care about the slim figure and healthy body, regularly visit fitness centers and gyms. But it takes a lot of time, so the easiest way to organize small sports area at home. And, as a rule, there must necessarily prisutstvovats treadmill.

The treadmill has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and keeps in tone vast number of muscle groups. But what better to choose a treadmill, few know. Their two main types - mechanical and electrical, and a closer look at each of the paznovidnostey below.

Mechanical treadmill is easy to use and has a relatively low cost. Here drive itself serves as a running man. It is light in weight, and the load is controlled by increasing the angle of the working fabric. But it is difficult to obtain a satisfactory result, so the spacecraftto the more tired runner, the slower moving fabric, which significantly reduces the efficiency.

The electric treadmill operates the electric motor. And it has already on-board computer, with which the load can be adjusted. This treadmill has a higher cost, while the elitemodels onboard computer itself can adjust the load running, depending on its pulse.

Buy a treadmill can be a sports equipment store, or online. This online store is willing to offer a large number of cross-country tracks, depending on customer needs and price range.

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