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The modern world with all its openness rather subjective, and people with all their freedom, so thatrit modern technological advances (Internet, TV, gadgets), is at the same time, and his hostage. He backed into a certain frame - overweight, a figure of 90-60-90, Hollywood smile - the output of which is in contact with disdain, discomfort, low self-esteem. In this list of problems with your teeth, perhaps, is the top, thatfor it is not only aesthetic, but also a serious and common medical problem. The discomfort and pain experienced in diseases of the teeth, compared with what little by the degree of influence on the manifestation and humans. Eliminate dental disease, prevent its development and maintain normal oral section is intended to medicine and scienceDENT. Dental problems people experienced throughout its existence, so the skills and methods of their treatment continuously improved. At the present stage is a powerful self-sufficient science, constantly improving. Range of problems studied dentistry is quite wide despite the general, is a small area (the mouth withsurrounding areas). A modern sections of dentistry will tell us Romanov AI - Officer Site Startsmile, where you'll find all dental centers, clinics and.

Modern dentistry is divided into several sections or areas, depending on the problem in question:

- therapistscal. Covers the study and treatment of carious (hypoplasia, fluorosis, enamel erosion, abrasion), caries (caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, periostitis) lesions of teeth, diseases of the mucosa (stomatitis, Haley, glossitis);
- surgical. Diseases (neuralgia) of the trigeminal nerve, salivary gland inflammation surgical;
-periodontics. Periodontal disease (periodontitis, periodontal disease, gingivitis);
- orthopedics. Eliminating or edentulous prosthetic implantation;
- orthodontics. Problems bite;
- Pediatric Dentistry.

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