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Bondage for pregnant

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Pregnancy and birth of a long-awaited child - this is probably the greatest joy and a very strong feeling in lifeevery woman. Unfortunately, the joy of motherhood is often accompanied by the so-called labor and postpartum depression, caused largely purely physiological characteristics (weight, stretch marks, sagging belly). The reason for such changes in the muscular system of the body is quite natural, but highly individual and depends on bBalance is the level of vitamins and metabolism. The phenomenon of sagging belly, not an isolated case, and is due to a rather serious and convenience loads muscle belly woman. Because the stomach is in the form of constantly stretched, the skin loses its elasticity and stretch. To prevent this phenomenontion, as well as strengthening and normalization of fetal development in medicine is widely used, so-called. There are two kinds of bandages: prenatal and postnatal. As can be determined from the name, the first - used during pregnancy (its second half) and serves to support the abdomen, back, waist and fruit, and the second - after birth, forI early recovery. Use such support means follow the recommendation of the attending physician, approximately 5-6 months of pregnancy. The bandage is elastic bandage and is structurally different (from lumbar to a higher, covering the floor of the back). Bandage according to the type, performs the followingmain functions:

- reducing the load on the muscle tissue of the abdomen, support the spine, back, pelvic area;
- support normal development and position of the fetus, prevention of obstetric pathologies;
- shape recovery and muscle elasticity.

The choice of a band should be aboutbyazatelno agreed with the doctor, also should remember the cardinal rule of wearing any bandage - he must not put pressure on the fetus.

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