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How to choose winter boots

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Winter - this is the most unfavorable season of the year, which is characterizedized primarily low temperature background and abundant snow (and ice) cover. Naturally, these are conditions that people without special equipment simply can not survive. Lacking adequate protection for the human body will try to align the thermal balance with the environment, which ultimately lead to hypothermiaand frostbite. For such applications, mankind has created a warm winter clothes (for thermal protection of the body) and shoes (to keep your feet warm). Particular attention is paid to warm boots for good reason - at the feet contain many receptors associated with the various organs and systems of the body. The smallest, which may result in such a situation pereohcool the - it's cold, although the risk of a much more serious illness is extremely high. By the choice of winter shoes need to be taken seriously, to eliminate the possibility of freezing and percolation. Because of this, when choosing shoes winter type, should be paid to the following basic parameters:

- thermalyatsiya - that is, the ability to layer, both internal and external layers, actively resist negative temperatures;

- convenience;

- practicality - the ability to use under different weather conditions;

- quality materials and sewing - thisJust depends on how long it will last you shoes. As the last in the production of winter benefit the skin, nubuck, suede. The most authoritative of all producers of winter footwear is considered to be: Tmberland, Columbia, Salomon, Alpine.

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