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What is dental materials

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Probably each of us is familiar feeling prenepriyatneysheeix, like a toothache. Of course, it is different, depending on the degree of destruction of dental material, it is not easier to become unlikely. It is best to prevent a problem, be prevented, but if the "hole in the tooth" appeared, you should immediately contact the dentist for help, keeping in mind that each day of delay Neuquenlonno brings you closer to the possibility of defeat tooth nerve or, more generally, tooth loss. Therefore, a specialist - a dentist work there every day and plenty, from a diagnostic inspection, sewer cleaning, removal of nerves before filling, implantation and removal. It is obvious that such a scope of work requires a decent range of devices and expenditurednyh materials. In general, the whole set of tools used in dental clinics, can be divided into two groups: dental instrument (manual and automatic, including workstations chairs) and supplies dental materials (see more detail). The latter group is quite extensive, as each finspruce branch of dentistry requires its own exclusive materials, such as:

- anesthesia (gels or sprays for topical anesthesia, injections and syringes);
- cushioning materials (polymers, commonly used in the treatment of complicated forms of caries, pulpitis);
- prevention materials (hygienicallye, nourishing, whitening agents, sealants);
- consumables (X-ray, antiseptic materials, wedges, blades, matrix);
- restoration materials (adhesives, composites, cements, polishes);
- endodontic materials (antiseptics, filling and reducing material, boron tool);
- orthopedicheskie materials (adhesives, modeling equipment, fixation material).

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