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The problem of wrinkles around the eyes

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The woman on it and a representative of the fair sex that day, Nezisimo of age, burn desire to be beautiful, compelling, desirable. Probably not unimportant areas on the body of a woman, which would not have been increased attention from all around: it's hair, and lips, hands and chest and butt, and legs and everything. But special place in my eyes, because their state can speak and judge a lot about healthe and age (that wants to hide). Daily emotions, both positive and negative, stress affect the sensitive skin around the eyes, causing wrinkles are formed: first small mimic, and with age and without proper care - permanent and profound. In addition, genetic predisposition, the effects of disease, chaheavy work and what you would like to hide becomes obvious. To eliminate the problem of phenomena need daily care for the skin around the eyes. Many use the services of beauty salons (mask, lifting, peeling, etc.), but this method has its drawbacks: it is necessary to allocate a lot of time and money. An alternative may be a directavilno chosen for your skin type. There are plenty of them, but the most effective are the so-called muscle relaxants. Their action is directed to the muscle tissue and is relaxing and restorative effect. To improve the effect of the cream, it must, among other things, and applied correctly, under a special scheme. Application of the cream is carried outI by a light massage, starting from the forehead and gradually spread to other areas. Movements should be soft, smooth. If done correctly, the result will not take long. Your beauty is in your hands.

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